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The pretty conservation village of Wellow is best known for its maypole, sited on the village green and surrounded by attractive red brick and pantiled cottages. Not only is the maypole green triangular, it is actually one of two greens in the village, which both form part of over 40 acres of common land in the Parish.

The origins of Wellow Dam on the second green are shrouded in mystery, but the Dam has provided water and sport over the centuries, ranging from modern day fishing right back to the punishment of wrongdoers on the village ducking stool! Another feature of the village is the Gorge Dyke, which was probably built as a defensive ditch in medieval times. It is still possible to trace the course of the Dyke around the village today.

Wellow’s red, white and blue maypole, topped by a golden weathervane, towers sixty feet above the green. A maypole has stood here for at least 150 years, and probably for a lot longer. Each year the village comes alive for the annual celebrations on the last Monday in May, when the Wellow May Queen is crowned and after which the maypole dancing begins. The sight of the children, prettily dressed with matching pinafores and flowers in their hair, weaving patterns with brightly coloured ribbons around the maypole is such an attractive one that many people return year after year to witness it.

  • Maypole on the historic village green
  • Wellow Dam and the Gorge Dyke
  • Parking: street parking/in pub car parks

    Wellow has a website which contains information on the history of the maypole, the village green, Wellow Dam and Gorge Dyke.

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